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Meal Kit Delivers Delicious Meals and New Skills

Delivering Delicious Meals and New Skills – “I got to try new foods and help make spaghetti.”

Over the last eight weeks, individuals and team members of Echoing Connections of Southeast Ohio have peeled, diced, chopped, sautéed, and cooked delicious meals together. This tasty activity was made possible through a meal kit program organized by Live Healthy Appalachia in partnership with Integrate Athens.

Wearing a classic white apron, an individual at Echoing Hills of Southeast Ohio is preparing a nutritious meal.
Each week, a new kit was delivered. The kits included everything needed to make a delicious and healthy meal. Those at Echoing Connections have enjoyed such treats as Chickpea Noodle Soup, Quinoa Chili, Sweet Potato Enchiladas, and the crowd favorite, Lentil Spaghetti.
Rachel Ulbrich, Director of Adult Services for Echoing Connections, first heard of the idea in October 2021. She immediately saw the benefits a program like this could provide and sent a letter of support.

“I felt that it was such a well-planned concept that would create an impact for the individuals we serve and those that serve them,” shares Rachel.
Ultimately, the program wanted to provide nutritious food, teach basic food safety and cooking skills, and create opportunities for people to prepare and share a meal. In Rachel’s eyes, the goals were met and exceeded.

“The opportunity increased skills for individuals and team members, created many memories, and deepened relationships,” says Rachel.
Those served at Echoing Connections also felt the impact and benefits of the program.

“It was cool! I got to cook, and I don’t get a chance to at home. I liked being able to help everyone and show off my skills,” shares Jamie.
Sarina also enjoyed the program. “I liked it because it taught me about healthy eating, and I liked helping to measure and mix. It was a fun way to spend time with staff.”
Rachel, her team, and those they serve are grateful to Live Healthy Appalachia and Integrate Athens for the meal kits.

“I have so many cherished memories of being in the kitchen myself with family and friends. These past eight weeks have felt like that,” shares Rachel.

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