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Fishing with Jeff

Fishing with Jeff
When a Hobby Becomes a Passion

Recently, I went to Echoing Connections of Central Ohio to interview someone. He was not available; however, I got to talking to Jeff. During our conversation, I learned more about his love for fishing and a project he had completed. I was not familiar with this; however, after writing this blog,  I discovered he had shared it before. That’s ok – Jeff’s passion and actions deserve a second telling!


Fishing has been a part of Jeff’s life from as far back as he can remember.

“Growing up, my dad and I would go fishing at the creek,” recalls Jeff. “We would put on our trunks to get in the water and begin catching crawdads. We would use the small ones for lures. The larger ones we would eat.”

Jeff in a blue t-shirt riding a ferris wheel smiling

When he moved to Echoing Hills of Community Living of Central Ohio nine years ago, Jeff was excited to see two catch-and-release ponds. It didn’t take long before he was enjoying his life-long hobby at his new home. He quickly realized, however, that not all of his new friends could enjoy fishing to the fullest.

“Our upper pond has a great dock that is easily accessible to fish off of; however, there weren’t many fish in that pond at the time,” says Jeff. “The lower pond had the most fish, but it also proved to be the trickiest to get to using a wheelchair.”

That’s when Jeff had an idea.

Jeff began fishing in the lower pond, catching bass and blue gill. He would then take these fish to the upper pond so that everyone had a better chance of catching and kissing (an Echoing Hills tradition) a fish.

“I wanted everyone to be able to have the chance to enjoy fishing as much as I do,” shares Jeff. “Fishing makes me happy, and I want to see it make others happy too!”

How did Jeff catch all the fish to restock the upper pond? Time, patience, and lots of worms! If you don’t have worms, however, don’t worry. Bread balls work too!

“You can just take a loaf of bread with you and rip tiny amounts off, forming them into balls,” says Jeff. “They slowly absorb the water and sink where fish then bite.”

What advice does Jeff have for someone just starting this hobby?

“Take someone along to help you learn, support you, and build up your confidence.”

Love. Learn. Worship.

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