3 Pillars

Three pillars define the Echoing Way, and these key values and attributes are infiltrated throughout the organization.

Hope & Faith

Echoing Hills’ strong focus on faith and Christ is a critical force that guides our purpose and mission and differentiates us from other service providers. This sense of faith is vital for the growth and success of the individuals served as well as the team member.

Care & Empathy

Not only does Echoing Hills take a very person-centered approach when working with individuals with disabilities, but also with team members. Our approach is based on RELATIONSHIPS with the person – no matter if it is the person being served through a service or a team member.

Independence & Fun

Echoing Hills helps empower the individuals we serve as well as team members to live independent and meaningful lives while providing the opportunity to explore and grow through accentuating passions and dreams.

Service in Action

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