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Servant Leaders

We are called by Christ to Lead!

At Echoing Hills, we believe that the Nine Fruits of the Spirit are important spiritually as well as being principles for life and leadership. Leading and guiding the organization by the Fruit of the Spirit allows Echoing Hills to build trust, and create an environment in which to thrive for the team, individuals served and their families.

Fruit of the spirit

The Fruit of Love

Love is the cornerstone of servant leadership. It considers the needs of the follower, focuses on the person, and leads in serving the best interest of others. At Echoing Hills, it’s doing the right things, understanding and focusing on the needs and talents of the team, and encouraging their hearts.

The Fruit of Joy

The joy of the Lord is our strength and comes from a relationship with Him first and foremost. Leading from a place of joy exuberates inner confidence even in the midst of difficulty or challenge.

The Fruit of Peace

Peace is an inner quality that includes quiet confidence, courage, and composure and can bring progress during pressures. While joy brings an inner strength during storms, peace allows the organization to move forward with positive momentum.

The Fruit of Patience

Patience is the work of the Spirit of God, and so very significant at Echoing Hills. Patience allows us to not act impulsively, and to remember to refrain from a knee-jerk reaction. Even when we or others make mistakes, we can address the situation with love and patience.

The Fruit of Kindness

Kindness embodies graciousness. It is shown through being present to listen and understand every situation at Echoing Hills. Being empathic and showing appreciation for the team is critical to developing a level of trust in the relationship.

The Fruit of Gentleness

Gentleness is being kind, tender, or mild-mannered and is so very important at Echoing Hills. Team members need to show humility, restraint, and compassionate behavior towards one another to foster a positive environment.

The Fruit of Goodness

Goodness overflows generosity and righteousness! It allows Echoing Hills to shine brightly in a world that dims. A leader at Echoing Hills is held to a standard of good character and moral excellence.

The Fruit of Faithfulness

Faithfulness represents the personal integrity of the leader and the team. This fruit of the spirit exemplifies loyalty and dependability! You can count on Echoing Hills!

The Fruit of Self-Control

Self-control is probably one of the most important at Echoing Hills. With God in control of our will and heart, we can ask for Him to lead us and guard the areas where we struggle most. It takes self-control to be able to exhibit ALL the other Fruit of the Spirit! Practicing self-control allows Echoing Hills to not be held back from fulfilling the purpose of Echoing Hills!

Creating Opportunities for individuals to know and experience Jesus Christ!

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