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We are called by Christ to create fulfilled, purposeful, and joyful lives for individuals with disabilities. It is a privilege to serve the individuals and their families, as we’re humbled to be allowed into their lives. We’ll steadfastly honor their dignity and create ongoing opportunities to know and experience Jesus Christ.


We place a huge emphasis on faith, as this drives each level of our organization to deliver a superior level of care, dignity, and spirituality.


We provide a loving and compassionate environment for individuals, families, and team members at Echoing Hills.


We provide an inclusive and loving community for the staff members and the individuals we serve, creating a culture where relationships can thrive.

Individual Focused

Understanding and addressing the specific challenges of each individual is critical to our mission, as it is essential that all levels of our organization provide those within our community the best life that we can offer.


We provide individuals with disabilities with the dignity and respect that we all deserve, as we are all the same in God’s eyes.


We strive to guide and educate individuals with disabilities to develop important life skills that help empower them to live independent and meaningful lives.


Through our strong focus on faith and Christ, we provide the individuals and families we serve as well as our team with a sense of hope for their future.


We provide individuals with a fun and social environment where they can experience joy and celebrate life through a variety of different activities and passions.

3 Pillars

3 pillars

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