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A Place to Learn

EchoingU® is a post-secondary transition program designed for young adults with developmental disabilities exploring the next steps in life. The program prepares students for the future and blends educational classroom instruction with daily living skills, experiences, and opportunities, including engaging with your community.

At EchoingU, we study hard, AND we play hard! You can enjoy learning while exploring your passions and interests. We enjoy getting out and connecting with our community in a variety of ways with many different learning objectives.

Our Mission

To enable young people with disabilities to achieve their dreams, through experience-based learning, community integration, and social and professional networking.

Our Curriculum

Core Curriculum areas include:

  • Advocacy
  • Communication/Social Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Electives
  • Emergency Preparation
  • Job Market Preparation
  • Money Management
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Self Management
  • Technology
  • Time Management
  • Transportation

Courses have been created with the intention of developing a mastery of skills that will allow our students to experience greater independence in their day-to-day lives.

Locations For Education Services

Click a region below to learn more about the programs offered in each area.

Learn More

 Contact us to find a facility for you and schedule a tour.

Photo Gallery

Check out our photo gallery to see how our residential opportunities provides people with special needs a safe, loving, and dignified home environment.

Southwest Ohio EchoingU – Class and Instructors having fun
Southwest Ohio EchoingU – Class and Instructors
Southwest Ohio EchoingU – peaceful meditation
Southwest Ohio EchoingU – Reading time
Southwest Ohio EchoingU – Sharing a space
Southwest Ohio EchoingU – Sharing a table and moments
Southwest Ohio EchoingU – Learning new skills – setting the table
Southwest Ohio EchoingU – learning new skills running the sweeper
Southwest Ohio EchoingU Learning new skills – making a bed
Southwest Ohio EchoingU Classmate is also helper
EchoingU Southwest Ohio Instructor and Class
EchoingU Southwest Ohio Classroom time with Classmates
EchoingU Southwest Ohio Classroom Fun
EchoingU Southwest Ohio Dayton History Tour Dome
EchoingU Southwest Ohio Dayton History Tour
EchoingU Southwest Ohio Learning CPR
EchoingU Southwest Tool Safety
echoingU Northern Ohio 2
echoingU Northern Ohio
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Education 6
Education 5
Education Home 4
Education Home 03
Education Home 01

Love. Learn. Worship.

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