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During your time at camp, you will have the opportunity to become the hands and feet of Jesus Christ as you build relationships with our campers.
There is nothing like serving as Christ calls us to serve, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to share this experience with you.
Whether you give a day, a week, or an hour you get to be part of something life changing!

Our Needs

Mission minded Individuals to serve for a week at camp.
~ Serving meals
~ Cleaning camp buildings
~ Building relationships with campers
~ Providing care and supervision
Individuals willing to use their gifts and talents.
~ Leading worship and/or devotions
~ Leading activities or planning events
~ Helping with various maintenance tasks
One day event help.
~ Bring a group to lead a group activity. (i.e. Fourth of July Celebration, Carnival, Fall Festival, etc)
~ Set up for camp helpers for offseason work projects.
~ Helping with various projects throughout the year

What our volunteers have to say

“I have been bringing teens to Camp Echoing Hills for 10 years and every year brings new and exciting stories that help write our mission story. I have watched scared teens crying to go home the first night, crying again on Friday because they don’t want to leave. I‘ve had the privilege of watching them give of themselves to make sure the campers are cared for and happy. It is such a humbling experience to hear their stories of how one special camper stole a piece of their heart and the memories they hold onto for a lifetime.”- Tina Nelson, Former Youth Pastor / Mission Trip Leader

Volunteers continued

“My life since camp has been incredible. Ever since I started volunteering in high school I knew it was special. All my years of volunteering and then my two years working there has changed my life for the better. It has really reminded me what really matters and why I love this population. It gives me a sense of belonging and happiness. I really am not sure I can even put into words how much camp means to me and how big of a part of me it is. Echoing Hills is the most incredible place to be for a summer. I love that I have the opportunity to give these individuals the most incredible experience for just one week. When I’m not there, I miss all the laughs and shared memories from the time before. I also believe I feel the closest to God when I am at camp. Camp is definitely my home away from home.”
– Sarah Urbanik, Summer Staff / Past Volunteer

What our Campers have to say

“This place is like home.”
– Berry, Camper
“I feel that I am a princess at Camp Echoing Hills. I love all the staff. They really love me because they think I’m an awesome person.”
– Miriam, Camper

Summer fun at Camp Echoing Hills. Slip and slide on a sunny day. Two volunteers help pull a tube down a slippery slide along with a smiling, happy camper.
Camper fishing on the new fishing dock at Camp Echoing Hills. Holding his fishing pole with a great catch, smiling happily.
Volunteer with two camper sitting in the green grass smiling in the sunshine.
Volunteer and camper bask in the sunshine by the pool in colorful Adirondack chairs
Volunteer and individual with developmental disability hug and smile
Two volunteers with a camper smiling happily

How Can You Help?

In our busy world, the opportunity to serve is never far away. Most of us feel we have little impact on the world around us. There seems to be very little that we can do shape someone’s life for the better. And yet, changing a life is one of the easier things we can do. There is need everywhere, and we can personally make a difference. So, in the midst of our busy lives, why should we make time for volunteering? Because YOU can have an impact!

God has given each of us the opportunity to change the lives of others, and at Echoing Hills, we can’t wait to see what you can offer the individuals we serve. If you would like more information on volunteering at Echoing Hills, or at any of our locations in Ohio please contact

Ready for a life-changing experience? Call 740.327.0300 ext. 2

Love. Learn. Worship.

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