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EchoingU Southwest Ohio Photo Page

EchoingU Southwest Ohio learning CPR. Student is learning how to place his hands on the chest of the CPR test body.
Learning CPR
EchoingU Southwest Ohio students learning and having fun on the Dayton History Tour. Peace signs and smiles.
Dayton History Tour
EchoingU Southwest Ohio students learn tool safety as they build projects from wood.
Learning Tool Safety
EchoingU Southwest Ohio on a Dayton History Tour. Sunny skies, smiles and education.
Dayton History Tour
EchoingU instructor leading the class. Green banner with EchoingU logo hangs behind the students.
Instructor leading class
Classmate is also helper. One student dressed in blue denim is helping her classmate who is dressing in bright red. they are working on counting coins.
Classmate is also helper
EchoingU instructor teaching bed making skills to students.
Learning new skills - making a bed
EchoingU Instructor teaches the proper way to run a vacuum. She is wearing a 3/4 sleeve white t-shirt with a fruit of the spirit design. Student is wearing a dark blue shirt, he wears glasses and has brown hair and a short beard.
Learning new skills - running the sweeper
EchoingU student organizes and cleans. She is wearing a burnt orange t-shirt. She has reddish hair and wears glasses.
Learning new skills - organizing
EchoingU student in dark blue shirt leans to set a proper table. He has dark hair, wears glasses and a short beard.
Learning new skills - setting the table
EchoingU students share a moment together at their table eating. Looking at a phone screen and engaging in conversation.
Sharing space and interacting - being social
Two EchoingU students having a good time together. Reading and working on a tablet. Sharing space, being social and smiling.
Sharing time and space - happy moments are the best
EchoingU student reads a book in a great space set up with a calming lava lamp and shelves with various items.
Reading time - a calm space
Two EchoingU students relaxing, meditating. Peaceful and calm. One is wearing headphones, eyes closed.
Time to relax, rejuvenate - meditate
EchoingU students with instructors as a group. Smiling and happy.
EchoingU classmates and instructors - friends like family
Group photo of EchoingU students and classroom instructors. Laughing, silly faces, funny hand signals, having fun.
We know how to have fun