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We think of our clients as family. Our staff members are passionate about making a difference and fulfilling our mission. Our staff embodies our core values while meeting the individual needs of each of our clients on a daily basis.

Harley Comisford

Meet the New Employee Communications Specialist

An encouraging individual with a joyful disposition, Harley brings a sense of awe towards the Word of God and a desire to encourage those within her professional environment.

Harley was drawn to Echoing Hills after reading the job description and mission statement, noticing the core beliefs of the ministry being to embody the Fruit of the Spirit. She shares, “Upon discovering the business to be a ministry, I knew I would be an excellent candidate because of how my values align with the organization. Working at Echoing Hills will allow me to combine the knowledge I have gained from my Associate’s Degree in Applied Business with my devotion to the Christian faith.” She is ecstatic to grow in faith within a professional setting.

Professional Life
In her previous role, Harley worked for The Grove by The River, a division of Goodwill Industries. In this position, she acquired experience working alongside those with disabilities in quality control and property management. Under supervision of the Banquet Manager, Harley gained skills in written and verbal communication, organization, and event planning.

Personal Life
In 2022, she felt called to pursue a career in ministry. She explains, “I was with women from my church waiting to leave for a conference when I received a call from my mom. She told me there was a man with a gun at the school where my sisters attended. I remember hearing the strain from tears in my mom’s voice over the phone, I almost went home. Something inside led me to stay. Hours later I would find out that it had been a hoax. The next night I knelt beside the stage at the conference and the Lord called me to pursue a career in ministry.” She is hopeful in making a meaningful impact while working at Echoing Hills.

Harley is inspired by author and speaker, Jennie Allen. During her free time she can be found reading, writing poetry, or engaging in physical activity.

Looking Forward
She hopes to uplift others and bring awareness to the comfortability of the Echoing Hills community. Harley aspires to promote multigenerational cooperation and support within a pessimistic society.

Love. Learn. Worship.

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