We think of our clients as family. Our staff members are passionate about making a difference and fulfilling our mission. Our staff embodies our core values while meeting the individual needs of each of our clients on a daily basis.

Jennifer Massaro

Empathetic and caring with a great sense of humor – this would describe our newest team member, Jennifer Massaro.  Jennifer joined the Echoing Hills team on October 5th as the Corporate Communications Specialist, bringing experience in Marketing, Sales, and Development, as well as positive energy for her new role.

Jennifer was drawn to Echoing Hills as “God has given me a servant’s heart, and this organization is one that serves, putting others first.  The mission spoke to me, and the ministry has such a variety of programming that can meet the needs and desires of so many.”  She is eager to begin experiencing first-hand all the ministry does and sharing those stories with others.

Jennifer is married to Michael, sharing they had an arranged marriage of sorts (be sure to ask her about it!).  Together they have two children, Lilly and Dominic, who are 11 years old and into volleyball, scouting, choir, and band collectively.  When asked what she enjoys doing, she said, “antiquing on those rare occasions I’m not with my kids.”  Usually, however, she will be found enjoying anything outdoors with her family – camping (they just purchased a camper this summer), kayaking, hiking, swimming.  The family took a trip to Hawaii last summer, partaking in many nature adventures.  Their favorite was an intense 2.5-mile hike to Papakolea Beach, one of only four green sand beaches in the world.  Being one who enjoys nature, Jennifer can’t wait to explore the 94 acres available on Echoing Hills’ campus and seeing individuals experience and enjoy camp, and the great outdoors, next summer.

Jennifer is most looking forward to getting to meet and form relationships with those who make Echoing Hills so special – both those who she will work beside and the individuals served.  She shares, “On my second day, I was able to meet two individuals, Ron and Jeff.  We were having a great conversation when out of the blue, Jeff asked me if I lie, confused I shook my head no.  Jeff went on to say ‘then how do you sleep,’ delivering great comedic timing.”   She walked away from that conversation laughing, and with a sense of peace and joy, expressing “that interaction, beginning with a smile and ending with a laugh, was what I needed at that moment in time and confirmed I am where God wants me to be.”  And we are glad her heart was led to Echoing Hills!

Love. Learn. Worship.

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