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We think of our clients as family. Our staff members are passionate about making a difference and fulfilling our mission. Our staff embodies our core values while meeting the individual needs of each of our clients on a daily basis.

Teresa Hall

  Southwest Ohio Welcomes New Regional Director
Teresa Brings Warmth and Excitement to Her New Role

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” –Psalm 119:105

Teresa Hall is Echoing Hills’ new Southwest Ohio Regional Director, bringing close to 30 years of professional experience with her. In her last role as a Licensed Social Worker / Community Care Manager, Teresa worked with people with all types of needs.

“My last role prepared me for this new position,” shares Teresa. “Everyone I serve, individuals and team members, struggle with something. I like to turn these struggles into their greatest strength.”

Professional Life
This isn’t Teresa’s first time working in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities field. After college, she worked as a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) Manager for seven years. Teresa shares that it was her disability that led her to this industry.

“I began losing my hearing when I was three years old. By the time my first child was born, I had lost my hearing altogether,” recalls Teresa. “It is something I used to hide, only telling people close to me. Now, I talk openly about it as it helps in my advocacy for individuals with disabilities.”

Teresa is excited to return to the field where she began. Echoing Hills was the right place for her.

“I’m in the fourth quarter of my career,” she says. “I want to do something transformative. Something that will allow me to make an impact. Echoing Hills will allow me to do that. The fact that it is faith-based helped me decide this was the place for me.”

Letting love and compassion guide her leadership, Teresa is looking forward to her new role. She would like to look back two years from now and see that she helped make something good even better.

“I look forward to helping make Echoing Hills the place people want to be – to live, learn, connect, play, worship, and work!”

Utilizing a cochlear implant, Teresa is also looking forward to helping individuals have the tools they need to be successful.

“Technology has helped me greatly. I can hear because of my cochlear implant. I want to find ways to utilize technology for others too!”

Personal Life
Teresa and her husband, Jeff, have been married for 30 years. Together, they have two grown children, Haley and Harry, three dogs, and one cat. After their kids left the house, Jeff and Teresa began fostering. They now provide respite stays for other foster families.

“Fostering has always been important to me,” shares Teresa. “In college, I helped organize a picnic to raise awareness for fostering. The city continued the program for twenty years, resulting in several adoptions.”

Teresa and Jeff enjoy boating, fishing, or fossil hunting, especially when visiting their new home in Florida.

“We look forward to retiring in Florida one day. It has always been our happy place.”

Love. Learn. Worship.

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