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Spirituality – A life well-lived

I’m dying to go there, I almost died laughing, I’m dying to know, I was scared to death, she looked like death warmed over…we talk a lot about death in a very casual manner when we use these slang expressions to describe how something made us feel or think.
Truth is death is all part of life. For those who have accepted Jesus Christ and desire a relationship with him, there is no fear of death, but instead, there is the comfort of knowing we leave our mortal bodies to be in the presence of our Lord and Savior.
Spiritual good health is just as important as physical and mental good health. Is it important to make sure the people we serve know about God? Is it essential to make sure people with disabilities know Jesus Christ and have the peace and assurance that God loves them? Indeed it is!

At Echoing Hills, spiritual health is part of what we do. A life lived well is a life that has peace, it is also a life that knows that God created them in his image and that their disability does not make them a lesser person, but instead makes them an extraordinary person.

We recognize the need and the value of making sure the people we serve, those with disabilities, have the opportunity to worship and to grow in the love of Christ. We must not overlook these special people. They deserve the same opportunities, the same life of peace, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that heaven will be our permanent dwelling and that God will be our lasting Father. We must make sure they know while they are still in this earthly realm, that opportunities to grow and thrive spiritually will always be available and will be a priority.

Below are a few links that help explain how healthy spiritual life can make for a healthy, happy, and peaceful life all around!

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