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Christmas creativity! Merry crafting!


The joy of Christmas is in the air. You can feel it this year more than ever and individuals who reside at Echoing Hills Community Living throughout the state of Ohio have been getting in the spirit by making holiday crafts.

Crafting is a great way to get creative while spending time together with those you love. It is a chance to celebrate the magic this time of year brings.
We have found some ideas that speak to different interests and comfort level. Click on a link, pick up those glue guns, paintbrushes, and glitter, and get ready to have some fun!

Decorations are a great way to turn a mantle into a focal point, a blank wall into an art gallery, a house into a home.

Are you looking for something to place on a shelf or table? Try making a Mason jar snow globe that sparkles or a pinecone Christmas tree, which brings the beauty of nature and crafting together.

Do you prefer something you can hang on a wall or the fridge? Make a snowball painting using things commonly found at home to create paintings like snowflakes – no two alike.

A Christmas tree is beautiful, but truly shines when adding Christmas lights and ornaments! These ideas bring snowmen, sparkle, and scent to the branches of your tree.

Cinnamon scented Christmas ornaments glisten and smell wonderfully of cinnamon; Frosty himself is sure to enjoy the aroma when you make these cute tea light snowmen ornaments

Transform clear ornaments from boring to amazing when you make Santa belts Other filler supplies like yarn, paint, sequins, and craft pompoms can easily transform clear ornaments as well.

The holidays can be stressful, especially for individuals with disabilities, such as autism, when routines can be “off” and chaotic due to the hustle and bustle. Sensory items can provide a sense of calm. These crafts create fun times and a sense of peace when playing and engaging.

This recipe for fake snow is perfect if you live in an area where it does not snow or if you want to ensure a white Christmas. It is cool to the touch, easily molded, and WARNING, could lead to some fun snowball fights in your home!

A Nativity sensory bag is a great way to reduce stress while remembering the reason for the season. Sensory bottles are another great way to induce peace and calm. These Christmas themed bottles provide three options – bells to make sounds and music, I Spy for peace while playing, and glitter to calm as you watch it swirl.

Remember the most important part of any craft is not perfection, but the memories made while spending time together.

Love. Learn. Worship.

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