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Clarice – Writer and Illustrator

Clarice – Writer and Illustrator
Bedazzles with First Published Book

Meet Clarice

Clarice started writing and drawing at a young age. In her early years, she would use notebook paper to write stories and draw illustrations, stapling pages together to create books. This past fall, she officially published her first paperback!

Stephanie Witch tells the tale of a young witch with blue hair living with her grandmother, Agatha, the Old Witch. Set in Wethersfield, Connecticut, you follow along as Stephanie learns about her powers, navigates school and relationships, and attempts to defeat the Black Witch. Although the book is new, Clarice has been drawing the Stephanie Witch character since she was a teenager.

“Depictions of teenage witches, such as Sabrina and Kiki’s Delivery Service, inspired me,” says Clarice. “I set my book in Wethersfield because of the four witch trials held there in the 17th century.”

Clarice shares writing and publishing a book is difficult; however, she is glad she did it.
“I gave away copies freely at EchoingU,” Clarice states. “My dream is to sell my book at Barnes and Noble.”

Cori Kraft, Habilitation Coordinator at EchoingU of Northeast Ohio, is excited about Clarice’s hard work and dedication.
“I am really proud of Clarice,” Cori exclaims. “I saw her hard work every day to achieve this accomplishment, and I can’t think of anyone that deserves this more. She is an amazing example for everyone at EchoingU!”

What’s next for Clarice?
“I’m busy working on a second book now. It has all new characters with a story different from Stephanie Witch. I can’t wait to share it when it is ready.”

More About Clarice
a graphic that depicts what Clarice loves in life. she loves Christmas, Dogs, the color yellow and Mac and Cheese. She loves how EchoingU gives her the time and space to be creative.

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