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Direct Support Professionals Appreciated & Needed

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) Appreciated and Needed

Across the country, we are celebrating DSP Appreciation Week. A week to honor Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)  and all they do!

Despite being a rewarding career, there is still not enough staff. As a nation, we continue to face a labor shortage. A recent Politico article  reports some providers closing locations, discontinuing programs, and turning away referrals due to the staffing crisis. Individuals who rely on care are returning to their families. Many of these family members are older and need care for themselves.

At Echoing Hills, we are grateful to our DSPs – the front-line staff who provide support to those we serve. The support that allows individuals to live a self-directed life. The type of support that enables us to continue to uphold our mission – to revolutionize lives where people live, learn, connect, play, and worship.

How would DSPs at Echoing Hills describe their role? What keeps them coming back? Let’s find out!

What Three Words Would You Use To Describe the Job of a DSP?

A cloud of words depicting the way direct support professionals feel about their positions. Like Patience, rewarding, caring, fun, fulfilling, compassionate, etc.

Why Do You Love Being a DSP?
“I don’t go to work. I get to hang out with my favorite people every day.”

“Being able to see individuals achieve their goals is so rewarding!”

“I love to see each individual learn and grow, and the one-on-one relationships that I have made with each individual.”

“I love being a DSP because I enjoy seeing others succeed. As a DSP, I help others accomplish their goals and things they might not realize they can do themselves!”

“I love being a DSP because I like to impact others’ lives.”

“I love the relationships that I have built with the individuals.”

Why Do You Enjoy Working at Echoing Hills?
“They pray with you. I have never worked for a company that did that, nor put God in the workplace.”

“I love the environment and atmosphere of Echoing Hills. It’s a home away from home.”

“I have enjoyed my job for 2o years. It is because of everything that we do together with staff and individuals. We are close like a family.”

“I love working for Echoing Hills because the company truly cares about the staff and the individuals.”

“It is a great environment. Your hard work is noticed, and you feel appreciated. The small home settings make your relationships with the individuals that much better.”

“I feel I am working with professionals that I can learn from. They will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the company.”


Are you looking for a rewarding career? Join the Echoing Hills team today! Let us celebrate you during DSP Appreciation Week and EVERY day!

Love. Learn. Worship.

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