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The latest news from Echoing Hills

Echoing Hills Happenings Around the State of Ohio!

At Echoing Hills of Southeast Ohio, you can find us on Monday and Tuesday mornings giving back to our community volunteering at PetSmart. We take care of the cats and kittens that are available for adoption through the Humane Society. Pictured here with our volunteer is Oliver the black and white kitty. He was so scared when he first arrived at PetSmart, but he soon warmed up to everyone, especially the hand that feeds him! He is so happy to see his helpers!Volunteer feeds cat at PetSmart Northern Ohio

It’s no wonder the individuals living at Echoing Hills of Southeast Ohio are so good with the animals at PetSmart, they take care of their foster bunnies that live inside the building. One of the foster bunnies was very shy and timid, but she warmed up to everyone very quickly because of an abundance of patience and love!


Echoing Hills of Central Ohio captured this rare moment in January. A rainbow! God’s promise to us! Rainbow over Echoing Hills of Central Ohio. God's Promise.

echoingU of Northeast Ohio shows us not all bugs are gross! The students traveled to The Hartville Marketplace to make some Robo Bugs at IQ Toys!

Echoing Hills of Southwest Ohio finds the HR staff very busy recruiting at several places. Quality Direct Support Professionals are needed in that area and others. So what do you do, you take Echoing Hills to the masses. What a great opportunity it is to work in such a rewarding field. Taking care of individuals with Intellectual and/or developmental disabilities is one of the greatest tasks given to those who put their heart and soul into serving others!

Echoing Hills of Northeast (Northern Ohio) is the perfect location to go on a snow removal adventure. Just look at the ingenuity that went into modifying this battery powered scooter. Giving back to others through snow removal! Living a full life with quality and value, that’s what Echoing Hills provides for those who live at all our locations! Watch the snow removal in action!
And when the weather starts to warm up, someday, there will be plans for gardening! Our Northern location has the best produce around. Dreams of planting dance in their heads…just take a look at this video!

echoingU of Southwest Ohio spent time with the Victoria Theatre Association exploring the new PNC Arts Annex! Culture and creativity…no one wants to live without them!

Camp Echoing Hills is gearing up for the camping season. Already collecting applications for summer staff and volunteers, the Echoing Hills Camp staff is busy. With a couple big projects coming up when the weather turns warmer, Camp is recruiting for some volunteers to help out with the projects as well. If you want to give back and be a part of something amazing, visit our Camp Echoing Hills web page and if you want to help with the special building projects, give us a call! 740.327.0300 Option 2.

So, as you can tell, we are a busy bunch of people from the tip of Northern Ohio to the bottom of Southern Ohio, and everywhere in between. We love getting out, learning and growing, and exploring our communities. The individuals that call Echoing Hills home all over the state of Ohio, live full and exciting lives with value and purpose! Shouldn’t we all?

Love. Learn. Worship.

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