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The latest news from Echoing Hills

Echoing Hills, a sneak peak at our 50th anniversary celebrations and The Torch Award.

We are so excited at Echoing Hills, there are so many great things happening and we want to share a few of them with you. First of all, you’re reading our blog! We have a brand new website, with new branding and now we have the opportunity to share up-to-date information about our areas all over the state of Ohio. We celebrated 50 years at all our locations starting in late July and ending in October. These pictures are a a sneak preview of more to come as we share information from each celebration in upcoming blogs.

If you don’t know about Echoing Hills, take the tour on our website. You’ll find many pictures showcasing the amazing individuals that we serve. Take a look at Camp Echoing Hills, a great program for individuals of all ages with disabilities. Check out all the recreational adventures that happen during our respite and travel programs. These weeks and weekends provide a much needed break for caregivers while providing a learning and growing experience for the individual during respite.

echoingU…what more can we say? Two locations providing educational opportunities for young people to learn, explore, and grow. Providing the perfect fit…a place for everyone!

We all need a place to go and belong, something to do that gives our life purpose and a way to achieve goals, that’s what echoingCONNECTIONS is. Whether it’s making wreaths, cards, bath bombs, hanging out during tablet time, exploring the community, or learning about ways to get involved outside of Echoing Hills, echoing CONNECTIONS offers a host of things to do, ways to learn new skills and social interaction for building relationships…we all need friendship.

We are located throughout Ohio, Northern, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Central, providing a variety of services, meeting the needs of many, and providing love and understanding to those who need the very best care and deepest compassion we can give.

We have set the standards high at Echoing Hills, through our goals, mission, core values and integrity.

2017 finds Echoing Hills the recipient of the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics!

Echoing Hills is an accredited non-profit with the Better Business Bureau, which means we stand out as a business that strives to always be operating at a higher standard. This year, we were invited by the BBB to apply for the coveted Torch Award for Ethics. It’s not a small task to apply for this prestigious award, it requires proving yourself worthy and accountable. Thanks to many who contributed valuable information and letters of recommendation, along with credible proof of our company values, goals, mission, ethics and financial responsibility, we successfully filled out the extensive application, submitted all the necessary documents and waited.

What an honor it was to find out we had been chosen! We will receive the right to add this highly recognizable logo to our website, social media and all collateral materials. Echoing Hills will be represented and recognized at a luncheon hosted by the BBB, where the official award will be presented to Buddy Busch, President and CEO of Echoing Hills.

No one person made this award possible, it is always a collaborative effort that brings about the most success. From top leadership and throughout, Echoing Hills is one successful department hinged to another and another. It takes a team effort to be successful and stay in the game, and we are just that, a team! In an upcoming blog, we will share our experience at the Torch Award Luncheon along with some great photos.

Finish your tour through the website…we guarantee your heart will never be the same!


Written by: Echoing Hills Development Team

Love. Learn. Worship.

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