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echoingU-Through the eyes of Vicki!

I have been with echoingU since the doors opened in 2012. Over the past five years, we have served over 150 students and have grown to become a well-known curriculum based transitional program. Throughout their time at echoingU, students learn skills which allow them to become more independent. Once they have completed echoingU, students often move on to college, hold a part-time job, and accomplish other personal goals.

Through the support of generous partners and friends in the community, we have been able to directly impact the lives of the young adults we serve. Guest speakers teach classes on applicable topics, volunteer sites allow students to practice valuable job skills, and donors provide supplies for quality programming. The contributions of the local community are what has allowed the echoingU program to truly grow over the years and make a positive impact on those we serve.

– Vicki Widmar, echoingU Southwest Campus Director

Love. Learn. Worship.

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