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Eli – A Song In His Heart and a Smile On His Face

Eli – A Song In His Heart and a Smile On His Face

Meet Eli

A Swedish proverb says, “Those who wish to sing always find a song.” For Eli, there is always a song in his heart ready to be sung.

From an early age, Eli has been a singer. He loves the joy it brings and enjoys performing with others. Lucky for him, he has always has someone to accompany him.

“My brother Ethan is also a singer,” says Eli. “We like singing together.”

Several years ago, Eli joined the Athens County Community Singers (ACCS). The ACCS is a choir that is open to singers of all abilities. They meet once a week to rehearse and perform in the community throughout the year.

Singing is something Eli thinks everyone should try. “Just do it,” he encourages. “Everyone should share their voice!”

Eli appreciates Echoing Connections for helping him with his passion. He shares they encourage him to sing while there each day and help get him to practice at the ACCS each week.

And those at Echoing Connections are glad they can help with his talent.

“Eli loves singing, and we love to hear him sing,” shares Director of Adult Services Rachel Ulbrich. “In addition to ACCS, Eli has competed in ATCO Idol, a local singing competition. He loves to be in the spotlight.”

Rachel shares that singing isn’t the only thing Eli shines at. He is also a champion with Team Heart and Sole, a group that assists individuals that want to participate in running events.

“Eli is a social person,” explains Rachel. “Singing and running allows him to be active in the community. No matter where we go, someone will come up to say hi to him. I love the joy he brings and receives from others.”

What does Eli want others to know about individuals with disabilities?

“Get to know us. We are friendly, good people, and full of joy.”

More About Eli

Eli's favorites are cats, the color blue, pizza, Christmas and working at Connections
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