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Eli – An Expressive Artist

Eli – An Expressive Artist
Creativity Unleashes Communication

Meet Eli

When Eli was young, he had trouble expressing himself. That was until he discovered drawing, which opened up a new world.

“I had a hard time sharing how I felt,” says Eli. “Drawing helped me to get my feelings out.”

Eli initially started by tracing over objects. Today, you can find him free-hand drawing animals, cars, cartoons, and anything that strikes him. He typically draws in pencil; however, occasionally, he will use color in his drawings too.

Entering art contests through Art and Soul and creating art for a church’s Vacation Bible School last summer, Eli enjoys sharing his artwork with others.

“Our theme for Vacation Bible School was Zoomerang,” shares Pauletta Wessell, Habilitation Coordinator at EchoingU of Southwest Ohio. “I showed him some ideas but gave him creative license to create whatever he would like. We were all so impressed with the finished product!”

What advice does Eli have for others trying to get into drawing?
“Just start. Use your five senses to guide you,” Eli says. “Do your best, and most importantly, have fun with it!”

When not drawing, you can find Eli listening to music, studying (his favorite subjects are writing, math, and history), and writing. Eli also enjoys his job at the University of Dayton.

“I work in the dining department,” Eli shares.” I am a hard worker, and I enjoy it.”

For other individuals with disabilities, Eli shares this, “Sometimes you may not feel good enough. I know I’ve been there. Don’t give up! Keep going after your interests.”

More About Eli

Graphics depicting Eli's likes, inspiration and more.


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