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Featured Faces – Meet Bri

Featured Faces – Meet Bri! Bri has worked at Echoing Hills Community Living of Southeast Ohio for five and a half years. When you first meet her, you immediately feel loved and welcomed. She has a heart for what she does. It shows in her words and actions!

What Is Your Job Title?
I am the Lead DSP at the Altamonte House. I have been the lead for a little over a year.

What Does Your Job Entail?
In addition to providing direct care, I pass out medications, prepare dinners, schedule appointments, and plan outings. I am also in charge of preparing the staff schedule, inventorying our supplies, and placing grocery orders.

What Three Words Would Describe You?
Caring, Punctual, and Outgoing.

What Are Your Hobbies and Interests?
I enjoy watching my daughter play sports (softball, volleyball, and dance), going to concerts, and shopping. You can also find me crafting. I enjoy making seasonal crafts and have brought that love to work with me.

Where Do You Find Encouragement?
My family, co-workers, and friends all encourage me.

What Do You Believe Are Your God-Given Talents?
I believe I am a good leader, and I enjoy doing it! I am also very empathetic and can place myself in others’ shoes to see things from their perspective.

How Do You Inspire Others?
No matter the challenge, I find a way to overcome it. I can juggle multiple things at once and believe both are inspirational to others.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Echoing Hills?
This is a job where it does not always feel like I am at work. I love what I do! Working on crafts and going on outings are two of my favorite things to do with those I serve.


Featured Faces is a way to get to know some of the individuals that make Echoing Hills so special! As we focus on those we serve and the team members that serve them, we will also focus on our 2022 theme – Encourage, Believe, Inspire.

We invite you to reflect on these three words and think: What can I do to encourage others? How do I believe my God-given talents can change the world? How can I let my words and actions inspire someone today? You may notice you are changing someone’s life, maybe even your own!

If you believe you can encourage and inspire those at Echoing Hills with your time, talents, or resources, please visit our website to find out how you can make a difference today!

To find out more about how our services can assist you or a loved one, visit here  to see our locations and programming.

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