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Featured Faces – Trish

Featured Faces – Trish

Meet Trish! Trish has worked at Community Living of Central Ohio for 22 years! She is a humble person and a dedicated team member.

What Is Your Job Title?
I am the Dietary Director.

Trish Riley. Smiling with dimples. She has dark hair and is wearing a dark shirt.

What Does Your Job Entail?
My job involves ordering food, meeting dietary needs, cooking, feeding individuals that may need assistance, and managing a team.

What Three Words Would Describe You?
Hardworking, Friendly, Dependable.

What Are Your Hobbies and Interests?
I read a lot and am currently into mysteries, although, I will read anything that looks interesting to me. I also like to crochet and do embroidery. Some of my work includes baby blankets for my grandchildren and my children’s friend’s babies.

Where Do You Find Encouragement?
Through those I serve, they are my second family. I remember when I had my hips replaced. They would constantly ask if I was doing ok. Individuals would even stay by me in their wheelchairs. This way, I could hold on to their chairs if I needed additional support.

What Do You Believe Are Your God-Given Talents?
I enjoy taking care of others. I have done this all of my life and love to do it. It is what has kept me at Echoing Hills for all of these years. This ability builds trust with others.

How Do You Inspire Others?
I am a caring individual. I show up consistently and work hard.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Echoing Hills?
It is the people I serve and work beside. I have known many people for several years. They are my family!


Featured Faces is a way to get to know some of the individuals that make Echoing Hills so special! As we focus on those we serve and the team members that serve them, we will also focus on our 2022 theme – Encourage, Believe, Inspire.
We invite you to reflect on these three words and think: What can I do to encourage others? How do I believe my God-given talents can change the world? How can I let my words and actions inspire someone today? You may notice you are changing someone’s life, maybe even your own!

If you believe you can encourage and inspire those at Echoing Hills with your time, talents, or resources, please visit our website to find out how you can make a difference today!

To find out more about how our services can assist you or a loved one, visit here to see our locations and programming.

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