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Gordon Returns With Another Story

Gordon Returns With Another Story

Echoing Hills’ resident author, Gordon, has returned with another story. Just in time for Veteran’s Day, the story takes place during World War II and shows what can happen when we show love and kindness to others.

Enjoy his latest masterpiece!

Brotherly Love During WWII
This is a story about World War II. The Japanese had overrun the American position and the Marines were ordered to fall back to get picked up by the helicopters to get taken to a safe area.

After the helicopters left and the Marines were safe, P-51 Mustang airplanes would drop napalm bombs over the whole area to slow down the Japanese advance.

As one Marine was falling back, he heard someone calling for help. He went a short distance and down in a ditch saw a Japanese soldier. The Japanese soldier had been shot in the leg and was unable to walk. The young Marine knew that if he left him there he would be killed in the napalm attack. He also knew that trying to carry the wounded soldier back would slow him down to the point where he might get caught in the napalm attack himself. The right thing to do was to carry him back to the helicopter, so he did.

He made it back just as the last helicopter was getting ready to leave. A few weeks later, the commanding officer called the young Marine into his office. He said the Japanese soldier was about to be released from the hospital and sent to a prison of war camp, and he had asked to see the person who had risked his life to save him.

The young Marine arrived at the hospital and was introduced to the Japanese soldier that he had saved. The Japanese soldier asked why an American would risk his life to save a Japanese soldier. The young Marine told the Japanese soldier the story of the Good Samaritan. They visited for a few hours then the young Marine returned to his base. About one month later, the young Marine got a letter. It was from the Japanese soldier that he had saved. In the letter, he said that he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was leading a Bible study in the prison camp for the other Japanese prisoners of war.

Another month went by, and the young Marine got a second letter. It was from the Japanese soldier’s family. The letter thanked him for saving their loved one. It also went on to say the entire family had accepted Christ. The letter concluded by saying that five young men in their family had become conscientious objectors, refusing to fight against the United States.

The young Marine had demonstrated true love for his fellow man.

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