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Krystle – Friendly, Organized, and Colorful

Krystle – Friendly, Organized, and Colorful
Brings Warm Smile Everyday

Meet Krystle

Inspire, teacher, and helper. These three words describe Krystle’s role as a Classroom Coordinator at EchoingU of Northeast Ohio.  Although Krystle has been with Echoing Hills for thirteen years, this is a new position for her.

Krystle started as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) in 2010 before becoming a Waiver Home Coordinator. Last year, after having a labrum tear and dislocation repaired, she was concerned about returning to the physical part of her job. Luckily, a position at EchoingU was available.

“I feel like I am where I am supposed to be,” Krystle says. “I love working with those we serve and seeing what they already know. Together, we grow on this. It is rewarding to see them reach their goals.”

In her day-to-day role, Krystle helps students work on different skills. Each day is a new opportunity to learn job, communication, money, and life skills. She enjoys going out into the community, where the skills individuals learn at EchoingU can translate to the “real world.” Ultimately, her position helps those she serves toIt’ prepare to be as independent as possible. For some, this is finding a job, going to college, or moving out of their family home.

“I hate to lose them from the program; however, my job is to teach them skills they can use for the next chapter of their life. Whatever that may be,” shares Krystle.

When not working, you can find Krystle shopping, reading, watching movies, listening to audiobooks, decorating for the holidays, hanging out with her dog, or at one of her son’s baseball games. The latter provides an opportunity to advertise for Echoing Hills.

“One of my favorite work perks is the awards we receive for perfect attendance,” Krystle shares. “One thing I received is a big umbrella with an imprinted Echoing Hills logo. I proudly use that at my son’s games.”

What keeps Krystle coming back to work after more than a decade?

“It’s all about my love for the people. I work with some amazing people, and Echoing Hills places such importance on its team members. I have seen several people leave for another opportunity and witnessed these same individuals return,” says Krystle. “It’s also about my love for those I serve. They can say or do one thing that makes it all worth it! I have the most rewarding job!”

More About Krystle

Krystle's favorites...seafood, the color blue, horses, Halloween.


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