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Meet Gordon – Writer Extraordinaire

Gordon, who lives at Echoing Hills Community Living of Central Ohio, began writing when he was in the 4th grade. In those early years, he would sit by an artificial fireplace in his home and write stories about knights. These days Gordon enjoys writing stories that teach a moral or lesson about life.

How does he get inspired? “Any time I write, I pray for guidance, asking God to work through me,” shares Gordon.

Gordon has written countless stories. These stories have included different settings and lessons, often featuring an individual or team member at Echoing Hills.

“After the birth of my son, Gordon wrote a story for my family,” shares Program Director Jackie Householder. “It is one of the best gifts I have ever received.”

We hope you enjoy Gordon’s latest masterpiece. A story about endings and new beginnings inspired by the changing of seasons and a little caterpillar.

The Spring Butterfly

A 105-year-old great-grandfather wanted to teach his 5-year-old great-grandson a lesson about life. The two of them went out into the woods together. It was autumn and the animals of the forest were getting ready for winter. The two of them found a caterpillar and they put the caterpillar in a jar and took it back to their house.

A few weeks later, winter came and the great-grandson went to his great- grandfather’s house to see the caterpillar. To his surprise, the caterpillar wasn’t there. Instead, there was a large, gray lump hanging from the branch. The great-grandfather explained that the caterpillar had built a cocoon and was inside the cocoon.

“Is the caterpillar dead?” asked the great-grandson. “You will find out this spring,” answered the great-grandfather.

Spring came and the great-grandson went to his great-grandfather’s house. The great-grandfather said to look in the caterpillar cage. To the great-grandson’s astonishment the caterpillar wasn’t dead but had become a beautiful monarch butterfly. The great-grandfather explained if the caterpillar had remained a caterpillar forever it never would have become a beautiful monarch butterfly. The great-grandfather went on to say this is what happens when we die. We exchange our earthly bodies for magnificent heavenly bodies.

The great-grandson realized his great-grandfather had done more than teach him about butterflies – he had taught him the meaning of life itself.

Love. Learn. Worship.

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