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Sarah – Friend, Singer, and Pretty Awesome

Meet Sarah

As a young girl, Sarah was shy. She did not speak up much. That was until she discovered music.

“Music allowed me to come out of my shell,” shares Sarah. “I haven’t stopped singing since I started.”

Sarah enjoys singing karaoke. She doesn’t have a go-to song, singing whatever strikes her at the time. If she’s not singing, you can find her listening to music. As she says, anything but rap.

In school, Sarah was a part of the choir program. Choir, as well as her teachers, made school a happy place for Sarah. That’s not to say there weren’t difficult parts.

“I struggled with learning how to count money in school,” Sarah recalls. “Once I started coming to EchoingU, that all changed. Ms. Cori helped me, and now I am more confident. She found a way that works for me – I separate all the coins before counting.”

Whether it’s singing or trying something hard, Sarah encourages others to keep going after it. “Just practice. Keep trying until you get good at it!”

Cori Kraft, Habilitation Coordinator at EchoingU, is proud of how hard Sarah works at everything she does.

“I have enjoyed watching Sarah grow,” Cori says. “I see so many positive changes in her!”

When not singing, you can find Sarah enjoying other interests – watching Batman (something she has done with her father since a young age), reading comic books, walking, and hanging out with her awesome friend, Sloan.

More About Sarah

Sarah's favorites are the color pink, dolphins and all holidays


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