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Millions of Americans travel every year. There is a sense of freedom and adventure in getting away, whether for a weekend, a week, or longer.

Planning a trip can be stressful for anyone. If you have a disability, it can be even more challenging. However, by having a plan and asking the right questions, you can reduce the stress that can arise.

Here are some tips to get you started!

Where Do I Want to Go?
There are so many places to visit it can be hard to narrow down the ideal location. Do you want to stay in the United States or travel abroad? Does a trip to the country sound relaxing, or do you prefer to be in a large city? Starting with research on accessibility-friendly travel destinations may assist in finding the location that meets your wants and needs.

Who Do I Want to Travel With?
Traveling with others is part of the fun. Booking a trip with family or friends can build relationships while creating memories. Bringing a professional, such as a Direct Support Professional, can also be helpful. This individual could help with activities you may need assistance with, such as personal care needs.

How Will I Get To Where I Am Going?
A jet flying into the sunset of beautiful blue skies with oranges and reds depicting the sunset
White handicap assessible van with a lift to take people on trips.
Some people enjoy the fun that comes with a road trip, making sightseeing stops along the way. If you prefer to fly, consider calling the airline to discuss the accommodations you would like. Assistance with boarding, connecting to another flight, and seating accommodation assistance are just a few of the things airlines are required to assist with on your travels.

Where Will I Stay?
Are you wanting to stay in a hotel? Call around for different options. You can find out if they have ADA-compliant rooms and ask for specifics on these rooms to ensure they will meet your needs. Would you like to stay in a rented home? Air B&B offers anHandicap assessible hotel room with beautiful view and sunlight streaming through the window. Room for a wheelchair
adapted category, allowing you to find the place with the perfect balance of must-have amenities and accessible features.

What Do I Want to Do On Vacation?
Part of the fun of getting away is visiting historical landmarks, seeing the local attractions, and tasting the regional cuisine. Consider calling ahead to places. It can be helpful to find out if they have accommodations you need, offer group excursions, or provide personalized tours if you are looking to avoid crowds.

What Should I Pack
Now that the planning is done, it is time to pack those bags! A good rule of thumb is to bring a couple extra outfits in case your trip is delayed. If you are flying, you may want to consider packing those outfits in a carry-on in case of lost luggage. In addition, you will want to have essential items in that carry-on, such as prescriptions. Speaking of, make sure you will have enough medicine to last your entire trip ahead of time. Be sure to also have extra supplies that may be needed for assistive devices, such as batteries for hearing aids.

For more great tips, check out this guide by the Travel Channel!

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