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Volunteer at Camp Echoing Hills-Change a life!

Volunteer at Camp Echoing Hills – change a life…it just might be yours! Our campers are the most amazing people. They love unconditionally, trust with all their hearts and teach us so much about life.

Giving back through becoming a volunteer and helping others makes our lives fuller and richer, giving back to those with intellectual or physical disabilities not only will enrich your life, but challenges you to step outside the box, open your mind and look at life with a totally different perspective. What does the world look like always sitting down, how much longer does it take to walk somewhere, learning to listen with everything that’s within you and hugging the hurt you can’t always easily see.
Our campers, staff and tenacious volunteers have shared some great testimonials with us and now we want to share them with you.
Take a little while, relax and soak up the amazing love on this page!

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Are you ready to change a life? The life that’s changed could be yours…
Volunteers are the backbone of our ministry at Camp! Our volunteers have the opportunity to meet people who have the same dreams and desires they have and are able to fellowship in an environment of love and mutual respect. Many volunteers come to serve and to make a difference and find that the campers they serve are changing their lives… sometimes a little sometimes ALOT!

Cabin Mom or Dad (Age 26&up): Build camper relationships, help with laundry, assist in activities and encourage everyone.
Counselors (Age 17&up): Help with camper supervision, care, activities and build camper relationships.

Activities Volunteer (Age 15&up): Help with set up and tear down of activities. Be creative and outgoing.
Counselor in Training (Ages 15-16): Help with camper supervision, activities and building camper relationships.

Helping Hands (Ages 12-15): Cleaning crew, meal crew, activities helper and build camper relationships.
Other (Any Age): All talents are welcome. Whether you play a musical instrument, act, or have a knack for organization, your skills are needed.
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During a time of my life when I thought I myself had nothing much left to give I found myself in a grace-filled property where what the world viewed as weak and unattractive people were strong and beautiful, a real community of fully capable men, women, and children – camper, staff, volunteers alike each giving and receiving as much as one was able. To me that’s worth remembering and celebrating, especially in going back to CEH to share more life together, as often as I can.

Michael Rodden – Past Staff

Camp Echoing Hills has become family to us and a place that is not only somewhere to serve, but a refuge where the love of Jesus is felt continually.  From staff to volunteers to campers, there is a mutual love and goal for all…to share Christ in all that we do, and that is why we come back year after year.  There is nothing more fulfilling than to love others and to be loved.

Jesus said to go and make disciples, and serving at camp is a wonderful disciple-making tool.  You learn to give of yourself and to put others’ needs before your own, but you get so much more love back than you ever could give. The presence of God rests on Camp Echoing Hills and is evident from the moment you pull into the property.  It is an honor to serve there.

Carolyn Ross – Camp Volunteer

One night while talking with a young beautiful female camper with Downs, she showed me a picture that was very special to her. It was a picture of Hannah Montana, singing up on a stage. She explained that this was who she felt like she really was on the inside, she just wanted everyone else to be able to look past her disability and see it for themselves. During the Talent Show we hold every week, she rocked that microphone and everyone there was able to see the perfect, smart REAL her! I loved being able to witness that!

Thanks! – Sarah Auxt


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