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Welcome Angie Jordan – Director Dev. and Marketing

She’s BAACCKK! After seven years, Angie Jordan has returned to Echoing Hills in full force with enthusiasm and eagerness as the Director of Development and Marketing for the Corporation. With over 20 years of experience in Marketing, Sales, Public Relations and Development in both the profit and non-profit arenas, Angie’s innovative and visionary approach blends impeccably with that of Echoing Hills President and CEO Tim Neville’s strategic leadership style.

So what has Angie been doing over the past seven years besides watching the story of her life unfold? Her 21-year-old son Logan is now a senior at The Ohio State University (her alma mater), her daughter Macy is now a senior in High School, and Angie and her high school sweetheart Jason just celebrated 25 years of marriage. We can’t forget her baby Harley – a 55 lb. English bulldog – who starts her day on her momma’s lap during coffee and devotions time! Additionally, her never sleep personality (literally) allows her to be instrumental in strategizing with businesses in many industries to consider the value of ‘looking’ at the bigger picture not just the Marketing Plan. She feels very strongly, every area of the business one way or another impacts the outcome of the marketing initiatives and fundraising goals which is why it is imperative to have the business integrated from every standpoint.

What does Angie enjoy most in her downtime? She laughs, “What’s downtime?” She quickly rebounds, and explains how she really tries to take time to see the beauty in each day. Something she easily learned from her amazing mother. Appreciate the simple things, which is something often overlooked. The calm in the bright blue sky. The warmth from the cheerful sun. The serenity in the depths of the dark night sky and the wonder in twinkling stars.

What drew Angie back to Echoing Hills? Her love for making a difference – with her co-workers, those she’s serving and ensuring an organizations’ sustainability. Whether it’s a smile, a kind word or a new innovative idea – she simply wants to make a positive impact! When considering a move to Echoing Hills, she prayerfully put it in God’s hands. He clearly opened the door that no man could close – giving her peace in knowing this was the plan He had for her. Angie said, “It’s so wonderful to be a part of a ministry that puts our Lord and Savior at the center of it all!”

Love. Learn. Worship.

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