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Working at Echoing Hills – What does it mean?

Why work at Echoing Hills? Working at Echoing Hills brings meaning and purpose to employees. There are things in this world much bigger than we are.

As employees, we see the daily struggle, reward, heartbreak, and fulfillment of working with individuals with disabilities. From Northern Ohio to Southwest Ohio and many other sites in between, we serve every day to make a difference.

The focus for DSP’s (Direct Support Professionals) is to make sure everyone’s needs are met, from getting up and getting dressed to getting to breakfast, the bathroom and for some, getting off to work or echoingCONNECTIONS. DSPs also help with cleaning, laundry, and activities that brings joy and purpose. It’s a full day and sometimes a very difficult one, but the work is both rewarding and humbling.

Our nursing staff provides the best care possible by making sure medications are on time and health is assessed. They are there always, in quiet times and in times of urgency, day and night!

Our Program Directors and QDDP’s (Qualified Developmental Disability Professional) provide parameters and guidelines to the staff that serve under their professional guidance, making everyone’s job a little easier and a lot more fulfilling.  The individuals that coordinate everything from Waiver services to Healthcare services, to Maintenance and Safety…the responsibilities are great but the reward is greater.

Our chaplain splits both worlds, caring both for the individuals with disabilities that we serve, as well as the employees. He provides counsel and ensures that anyone who needs a caring ear has someone to speak with.

Our VP of Human resources and his staff throughout Ohio handle an enormous amount of paperwork, regulations, and human conditions on a daily basis. Compassion and care for those we serve along with compassion and concern for employees is always in the forefront for Human Resources.

The staff members of echoingU Northeast and echoingU Southwest create a safe and stable environment to learn, grow, study and flourish! It doesn’t stop there, they also make sure the curriculum meets the needs of those they mentor and serve.

Let’s talk Camp Echoing Hills! Our Camp is multi-faceted and serves so many with varying degrees of disability that is it sometimes too big and beneficial to put into words. We can start by saying the individual volunteers and volunteer groups that come are outstanding and provide a loving, caring service that goes beyond anything you can imagine. Our volunteers form bonds with campers and each other that spans a lifetime. They come year after year, both volunteers and campers. Camp Echoing Hills is a well-staffed, safe, fun and beautiful place to learn, grow and experience both outdoor and indoor fun. Hayrides, bonfires, cookouts, fishing, and so much more…it’s an accessible camp for those who need extra help to experience the great things in life.

Even though our office staff does not provide “hands on” care each day, they keep Echoing Hills operating efficiently every day! From balancing and creating budgets to answering calls and greeting visitors, it’s all equally important to keep us running smoothly! Our Development Team is always moving the company forward in branding, social media, appeals, newsletters and donations. Making sure we appeal to others and adequately portray the mission, purpose, story and future goals of Echoing Hills.

For our Leadership Team, from President/CEO to Executive Vice President, CFO to VP of Operations and Board members alike, the weight of doing the very best every day for those we serve is always in their windshield. Looking ahead for better ways to serve, provide, and deliver the exemplary care that is synonymous with who we are at Echoing Hills.

Over 50 years of service and moving forward into the future, Echoing Hills will continue providing care and compassion to those who are deserving of a life well lived. With our Founder, Cordell Brown, still an integral part of our company, we stay humble to his vision, blessed by his complete devotion, and dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities to know and experience Jesus Christ.






Love. Learn. Worship.

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