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Andrea – Compassionate, Strong, and Independent

Meet Andrea

Andrea – Compassionate, Strong, and Independent
Andrea has been with Echoing Hills Community Living of Central Ohio for 11 years.  She is the LPN supervisor and knows she is where she belongs.

“Echoing Hills feels like home to me. I enjoy seeing the individuals we serve every day,” says Andrea. “I am greeted with smiles and always hear ‘I love you.’”

In her role, Andrea helps others learn their positions, teaches new skills to those she serves, conducts CPR and Therapeutic Behavior Management (TBM) training, writes and implements orders, conducts audits, and more. In three words, her role requires her to be a mentor, leader, and teacher.

“I enjoy working with the incredible team built here,” Andrea shares. “It is great being a part of the village that is Echoing Hills.”

Andrea encourages others to consider joining the team at Echoing Hills too.

“If you have even the slightest of thoughts that this might be an awesome place to work, then do it! The worst that can happen is you don’t like it. That is ok. But, the best thing that can happen is you love it and find your forever work family!”

In her free time, Andrea enjoys spending time with the people that mean something to her – her family. She also enjoys shopping, cleaning, mowing, vacationing, and finding quiet time.

She also loves to change the world’s perception of individuals with disabilities.

“We are all people doing life together. Some people need a little more help than others. No matter the disability, this does not define a person. We can all help one another through this thing called life.”

More About Andrea

Andrea let us know some of her favorite things like the color blue, chinese food, her favorite animal a giraffe and holiday is Christmas.


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