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Anthony – Determined and Dedicated

Anthony – Determined and Dedicated
Faith and Physical Therapy Lead the Way

Meet Anthony

Anthony was on his way to an all-star football series practice in 2016. In an instant, his life changed.

“I was involved in a car accident that requires me to use a wheelchair,” says Anthony. “Before this experience, I thought having a wheelchair might be convenient. I can now say I hate it.”

Anthony has spent the last four years doing physical therapy (PT). He is passionate about the work that goes into PT as he is determined to walk again. Currently, Anthony walks the length of Echoing Connections of Central Ohio with the assistance of two Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). He does this at least once a day. He feels walking on his own is closer than ever.

“It’s coming,” Anthony shares. “I feel it is close physically and mentally. I look forward to selling my wheelchair, getting my own place, and investing in a friend’s business when it happens.”
Before the accident, Anthony didn’t like the person he was becoming. He was making bad choices, turning his back on his family, and not believing in God. Although it has been difficult, Anthony feels like the accident happened so God could change his life.

For others going through a similar situation, Anthony offers this encouragement – keep your belief in God and your ability to walk again.

What does he want others to know about individuals with disabilities?

“Be kind to everyone. I wasn’t born with a disability. It happened as a result of an accident. It could happen to anyone.”

More About Anthony

Anthony shares some of the important things in his life.


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