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Donor Spotlight – Dee LaFaber

Donor Spotlight – Dee LaFaber
Creating Opportunities for Others

Dee LaFaber met her husband, Don, in high school. Married for close to 54 years, God blessed them with two children, great experiences, and many happy memories.

After the birth of their son, Joshua, Dee and Don began to pray for another child. It took six years of waiting, but God answered. While in seminary, Don was counseling a couple expecting a child and looking to make an adoption plan. That plan led to Dee and Don becoming parents to a beautiful baby girl, Valerie.

Picture of a memory candle and a photo of Valerie that lived at echoing hills.

“She had a big personality and was funny,” shares Dee. “Valerie loved watching movies, especially Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Bright, The Muppets, Snoopy, Care Bears, and Charlie Brown. She also liked being sung to and loved the American flag.”

Valerie was born with a disability. As they got older, Dee and Don wanted to have a plan in place for their daughter. They found Echoing Meadows in Athens, Ohio.

“Echoing Meadows was great,” recalls Dee. “I remember one year we were unable to be there to celebrate Valerie’s birthday in person due to January weather. An employee of Echoing Hills arranged to have her spend the night at her house, hosting a birthday celebration for her. It meant a lot!”

After Valerie moved in, the LaFabers began making regular gifts to Echoing Hills. After her passing in 2013, they continued to make ongoing donations.

“Valerie had many opportunities in her life, and we wanted others to have those same opportunities,” says Dee. “Some individuals cannot fund experiences, and we wanted to be able to do that for them.”

In October 2022, Don unexpectedly passed away, leaving a void for those lucky to know him. Dee continues making donations to Echoing Hills, honoring what they started several years ago.

“I will continue to give because the money helps so many people. I know that Echoing Hills is wise with my gifts, using them as I intend.”

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