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Barbeque time in Northeast Ohio!

Who doesn’t love a great barbeque! Grillin’ up some pizza on the barbie, as they would say in the land down under, was on the list of amazing things to do at our Northeast Ohio locations (Lorain). Hosting family and enjoying the fellowship of friends is always on the menu at our group homes. Yes, it is home! Cooking, cleaning, watching TV and sharing a fun social evening…it’s all part of life. At Echoing Hills, we strive to create an environment that is satisfying and filled with love. For many it’s the first time to have their own room a certain color, a color they picked out themselves. It’s a bonfire in the evening with s’mores and good conversation. It’s an adventure in the community shopping or volunteering. Our lives are meant to be lived to the fullest, filled and overflowing. God created us to enjoy the world he spoke into existence. While our life may look completely different from someone else’s life, the common ground is that we all want to be happy and loved. Taken care of and to feel safe. Echoing Hills continues to move into the future, looking for ways to offer opportunities to those who live with us. Opportunities in the community, opportunities to live life to the absolute fullest and opportunities to grow in relationship with God.
So when you fire up the BBQ this weekend, be thankful for the little things and hang on to the big things, and pray for wisdom to know the difference.
God Bless!

Love. Learn. Worship.

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