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A Legacy of Love

Ada Haines left this journey to start her eternal life, but she leaves behind a legacy of over 30 years of service to Echoing Hills. To Ada, it wasn’t just a job, it was about loving and caring about people with disabilities. She would often go above and beyond to make sure everyone had what they needed and more than that, to make sure they knew she cared.
Ada instilled the same values in her granddaughter, Katelyn. As a child, Katelyn would come to Echoing Hills with Ada and play cards and checkers with everyone. Katelyn built strong friendships with many of the people at Echoing Hills.
Echoing Hills and Ada combined, made a huge impact on Katelyn’s life. Today she is an intervention specialist for individuals with severe disabilities.
Katelyn and Ada’s bond strengthened even more when her family moved during her senior year and she chose to live with Ada and finish at her school.
At the end, Katelyn was with her grandmother and together they reminisced and Ada left this world knowing she made an immeasurable difference.
‘Til we meet again!

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