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Becka – A Born Artist

Becka – A Born Artist
Art Provides Creativity and Connection

Meet Becka

Becka has enjoyed art from as far back as she can remember. Beginning with doing latch hooks, she has an interest in other mediums as well.

“I enjoy doing all different types of art,” shares Becka. “I also like drawing, painting, beadwork, coloring, and sand art.”

Becka’s mother was an artist too. She would paint molds, work with porcelain items, and do doll work. Passing away at an early age, Becka doesn’t have memories of her mother. Despite this, art provides a connection to her.

“My sister tells me I got my artistic skills from our mother,” says Becka. “She says I have her talent, in addition to her hair and eyes.”

Elizabeth Davis, Habilitation Coordinator at Echoing Connections, enjoys Becka’s talent! “I have admired getting to know Becka and her gift of artistic ability that she puts her heart into,” Elizabeth says. “You can tell that every piece she makes is more than just a project but a piece of who she is. I am excited to see how God will continually work through her and her passion.”

In the future, Becka would like to have an art show and sell her art. She also has dreams of experimenting in new areas like pottery and string art. She is grateful for the team members at Echoing Woods and Echoing Connections who encourage her and help her pursue new interests.

“Danielle, the QIDP, is going to help me get to the store to buy string art supplies soon,” Becka shares. “She is then going to teach me how to do it!”

Becka is willing to share her talent with anyone that needs help. She shares she would love to teach others the skills she has, encouraging them to keep trying even if it is hard at first.

“Individuals with disabilities can do anything we put our minds to,” Becka proudly shares. “We are talented and creative!”

More About Becka

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