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Emmy Shares – What to Expect at Camp

What to Expect at Camp
A Counselor’s Job is Fun and Rewarding

Camp Echoing Hills. It is an experience like none other. An experience where you get to be the hands and feet of Jesus every day! But what is a day at camp like? Let’s explore!

Typically, we counselors are up first thing in the morning. We brush our teeth and get dressed so that we can help our campers to do the same. As soon as we are ready for the day, we head to the snack shop to get medications from the nursing staff and to the dining hall for breakfast. Then we are off to a typically jam-packed day full of fun, food, and faith.

Throughout the day, there are different activities planned. These activities include visiting the animal barn, crafts, archery, fishing, and pottery. There are also the crowd favorites – swimming and side-by-side rides. Although we have time scheduled for each activity, it is not unusual for campers to request side-by-side rides throughout the entire day. These rides are an activity that many aren’t able to do outside of camp. It is truly amazing to witness their smiles and laughter as we drive around the hillsides on campus.

One of the activities people are surprised to learn we have is axe throwing. Honestly, I A camper participates in Axe Throwing as one of the new activities at Camp Echoing Hills!was surprised and nervous initially, too. But, after witnessing it this summer, I can say axe throwing is incredible to watch! You see individuals with such determination on their faces – ready to hit their target. Although they may miss at first, they never give up. And when that axe sticks to the board, it is pure joy!

We are sure to incorporate some rest and relaxation into the day too. During this time, campers spend time in their cabins. They can read, write, nap, or do whatever they like to do. This time always turns out to be one of my favorites. Some of the most meaningful conversations I have with campers are during these moments of rest. It is a time to build a connection with one another.

At night, we enjoy dinner followed by chapel time, a game and snack, showers, and then bed. We are all ready for bed after a long day!

One of the things people always ask me about is the food. I can say we have great meals! Our cook, Sheila, does a great job creating typical and non-traditional camp food. No matter what, it is always comforting! My favorite breakfast is the filling scramble (eggs, potatoes, sausage, and peppers), and my favorite dinner is taco bowls (similar to walking tacos). Of course, nothing compares to the weekly Thursday cookout. It always ends with Sheila’s famous brownies covered in peanut butter and chocolate icing. That is one dish where there are never any leftovers.

What I would most like people to know is this. At camp, you can expect to witness and form relationships! Some of my closest friendships are with counselors that I have spent the last two summers serving alongside. Serving God together has a way of bringing people closer. I also treasure the relationships I am able to form with the campers. You really get to know their likes, interests, and hobbies. You create meaningful friendships that pick right back up when you see them the following summer!

I hope you will join me this summer for a rewarding experience. And a few of Sheila’s famous brownies!

Love. Learn. Worship.

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