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Benefits of Service-Volunteer

Many people feel called to volunteer. Some call it a mission; others may refer to it as a calling. The reasons to serve are as numerous and unique as the volunteer opportunities out there.

Choosing to volunteer at a place such as a summer camp is sure to improve your physical health. You are active – walking, participating in activities, and getting up and down to interact with campers.
In addition to physical benefits, there are spiritual, emotional, and mental benefits to volunteering too.

We Grow Closer to God

There are several verses in the Bible that speak to the importance of service. We grow closer in our relationship with Christ when we recognize and respond to the needs of others. John 13:14-15 shows Jesus himself modeling the importance of service through the act of washing the feet of His disciples.
Relationships Form and Grow

Volunteering allows us to feel closer to one another.

We often choose to serve causes that are meaningful to us. In doing this, we have the opportunity to meet other individuals passionate about the same thing. This shared passion can deepen both connections and relationships, new and old.
We Experience Health Benefits

Serving others can improve your health. Psychology and Aging published a four-year study of the effects of volunteering in adults 50 and over. It showed those who volunteered at least 200 hours the year before the start of the study were less likely to develop hypertension.
A CNN Health article reports that volunteering has also shown the ability to reduce physical pain as well as minimize stress, improve depression, and can help us to live longer.

Camp Echoing Hills, located in Warsaw, Ohio, is a summer camp providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ in a safe, fun, and welcoming environment. Our camp promotes a strong sense of community and takes great pride in building relationships with the campers we serve. We are able to provide a fully accessible environment and programs tailored to meet the needs of campers of all ages, interests, and abilities while providing traditional camp activities. While campers are here, their families are able to enjoy a week to relax and recharge.

Our volunteers include high school and college students (some are looking to fill service hours for sports, clubs, or activities they are involved in), educators, individuals who are retired, youth groups, and more.

Camp Echoing Hills provides a unique service opportunity, allowing you to do mission work without leaving the country. You will have an impact on the lives of others but leave forever changed yourself!
Contact us to learn more – volunteer and paid staff opportunities are available!

Love. Learn. Worship.

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