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Team Members Bring Joy to Echoing Hills

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.
-John 15:11

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the
testing of your faith produces steadfastness.
-James 1:2-3

What is joy?

“Joy comes from abiding in the will of God; happiness comes from our circumstances,” shares Corporate Chaplain Donnis Meek. “Therefore, joy comes from our choices we make in following the Lord’s will for our lives.”

When we do things joyfully, it shows inner confidence, even during difficult situations. Happiness, for others and ourselves, comes easier.

This month we recognize those team members who exude joy and bring happiness to those at Echoing Hills every day.

Jeanette – Floor Nurse

“Jeanette is someone who is always smiling and is a fun person to be around. She does not let anyone get to her. You often catch her laughing and having a good time with her coworkers and those we serve. You could tell Jeanette that the building was on fire, and she would smile and say, “Okay, let’s do this!” Her smile brightens up a room and has lifted many spirits, especially during this last year.”

Vicki – DSP

“Vicki has worked in one of our waiver homes for the past year due to the pandemic. She worked at Echoing Connections prior, and all individuals love when she is at work. Vicki brings joy by spending extra time with each person, and she does an amazing job preparing a home-cooked meal. The smell of her cooking will always bring joy to everyone.”

Rachel – Director of Adult Services

“Before the pandemic, Rachel always tried her best to bring joy into everyone’s lives. She has worked with many community partners, including the Athens County Community Choir and the Athens Animal Shelter, to ensure continued happiness for those she serves. During this past year, while all individuals stayed home, she has continued to bring joy by delivering arts and crafts supplies, setting up zoom meetings for the choir to practice, and many other things. Her smile, energy, and commitment bring joy to everyone around her.”

Nyeeda – Habilitation Coordinator

“Nyeeda displays the fruit of the spirit “joy” every day through her interactions with the individuals she serves and the employees she works with.  She is always a positive light, even during difficult situations. Nyeeda has brought joy to the individuals we serve through sharing devotion and prayer with them and through the amazing activities and creativeness she brings to Echoing Hills. She brings a joyful energy to the work we do here at Echoing Hills and that is very much admired and appreciated.”

Anastasia – LPN

“Anastasia is full of life, always has a smile on her face, and is always on the floor working with the individuals. She has a heart of gold and truly puts the individuals first when she is there.  We recently had multiple individuals needing to be sent to the ER.  She went from one ER to the other to make sure they were all cared for, taking her big smile and love to each of them.  She is truly worthy of the Joy award.”

Shanna – DSP

“Shanna loves to make people laugh and has an amazing heart!  She is nicknamed “Raven” by a few individuals because of her fun, wonderfully hearted, and joking nature. Shanna is always able to make people feel good about themselves and laugh.  She has a natural knack for getting people out of a funk and laughing with fist bumps. She is also a natural leader and works hard to initiate getting things done and ensuring things are taken care of. “

Elyssa – QIDP

“Elyssa’s heart is bigger than I have ever seen. She is a strong advocate for those she serves and desires nothing but the best for each of them.  Her drive and love of people, coupled with her caring actions, makes her a highly valued employee.  Elyssa will do everything in her power to ensure everyone has a good day and smiles.”


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