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Echoing Hills Celebrates Self-Control

Echoing Hills Celebrates Team Members That Show Fruit of the Spirit, Self-Control

“For the Spirit of God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” -2 Timothy 1:7

Self-Control is one of the most important Fruit of the Spirit at Echoing Hills. Its importance lies in the fact that it takes self-control to exhibit all the other fruit.

Self-control is having control over your thoughts and actions. It is a matter of responding and not reacting. In other words, a thoughtful approach based on reason versus a quick outburst based on emotion.

It is also resisting the temptation to break God’s law. To put aside our desires, following what God has said we are and are not to do. Although it can be hard to practice sometimes, it is one way in which others see God through us.

This month, we celebrate a few team members of Echoing Hills that are examples of self-control!

Elly  – Direct Support Professional (DSP)

“Elly has great self-control. She has been involved in highly stressful situations; however, she always controls herself, remaining calm. Her self-control helps de-escalate the residents and staff involved in these types of situations.”

Jenn – HR Coordinator

“Jenn is everyone’s go-to person when they are having a bad day. She is a great listener, our staff designating her the “therapist.” She practices great self-control by not sharing anyone’s problems or making anyone feel poorly for difficulties they may be having.”

Tamara – Direct Support Professional (DSP)

“Tamara has been a long-time DSP for Echoing Hills and shows self-control every day at work. She is an example for all of the Fruit of the Spirit. Love of serving the best interest of others. Joy amid daily challenges. Peace when chaos is happening, allowing the home to become positive and relaxed. Patience to not act impulsively and in the best interest of the individuals. Kindness through her graciousness and appreciation for new opportunities; always willing to listen and take the time to understand every situation. Gentleness is displayed as kind, tender, and mild-mannered to all individuals, families, and co-workers. She shows goodness as she always holds herself to a high standard of good character and moral excellence. Faithfulness, loyalty, and dependability to Echoing Hills.”

Team Members Across All Regions

I believe all staff has done their best over the last year to maintain self-control. From working extra hours, dealing with the COVID pandemic, stores not being stocked, staffing issues for all locations, and more. I nominate all DSPs, HR personnel, Maintenance personnel, Directors, and everyone else involved with caring for the individuals we serve. Thank you, God Bless everyone!

Love. Learn. Worship.

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