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Echoing Hills – Torch Award takes its place!

The Torch Award means so much to us at Echoing Hills.

“Our services support our belief that all individuals can live purposeful lives with dignity and respect” – Buddy Busch

“We believe a healthy business contributes to a healthy community. As a company we adhere to strong standards of conduct in the way we deliver care and treatment to those who choose to receive our services” – Buddy Busch

“That’s who we are, we are the hands and feet of Christ to those who are in need of understanding and acceptance of who they are and what they were created to be” – Buddy Busch

Powerful statements and all a part of our BBB Torch Award for ethics application. No one person made this award possible, it is always a collaborative effort that brings about the most success. From top leadership and throughout, Echoing Hills is one successful department hinged to another and another. It takes a team effort to be successful and stay in the game, and we are just that, a team!

On November 14th, Echoing Hills was honored at a Luncheon hosted by the BBB. The Archie Griffin Ballroom filled up quickly and the luncheon was quickly underway. While we dined, the speakers filled us in on the process behind the judging of the potential winners and what the Torch Award stands for.

We were honored to have been chosen and humbled by the amazing response of those around us when the Echoing Hills video played telling the story of unconditional love, acceptance, respect, dignity and care. Applause erupted at the end of the video and Buddy Busch, President/CEO made his way to the stage to accept the award. Roberta Camp-Albert reached out her hand and grasp the hand of the man who has been at the helm of Echoing Hills for over 17 years. The award firmly planted in his hand, Buddy smiled for the photographer and made his way back to the table. What an amazing feeling.

The Torch Award now sits on the historical table in the receiving area of the Echoing Hills Corporate location. It seems the appropriate place to put an award based on ethics, as the table of Cordell Brown’s parents became an integral part of the origin of Camp Echoing Hills. The very first board meeting of Camp Echoing Hills happened around that table. From that humble beginning to now…Echoing Hills  is serving those with disabilities all over the state of Ohio through residential care, education, connecting with the community and camp.

This Award is not taken lightly and the honor is not taken arrogantly, but it is taken respectfully and humbly as God would instruct. The Hands and Feet of Christ…running onward, stretching out helping hands, and loving with hearts wide open.


Love. Learn. Worship.

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