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echoingU of Southwest Ohio

Community integration is so very important and this past week the students of echoingU were guests at the Carillon Historical Park in Dayton, Ohio. echoingU students took a step back in time learning many interesting things about the past history of Dayton!

After learning and exploring, the students enjoyed the social atmosphere of lunch at the Tavern located at the Historical Park. With recipes pulled from 19th century receipt books, the students learned how Daytonians dined in the 1800s. Costumed interpreters bring 19th-century Dayton to life during this unique candlelit dinner. Not only was this a great social experience, the students used their communication and money skills to further expand the learning experience.

That’s not all these amazing students did…they also took the time to study the reason for veterans day and then took that one step further to create cards to give to local veterans to thank them for their service and the precious gift of freedom!

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