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A very special baptism!

Every person will have times when they are not whole, when something is missing in his or her life. The struggle to find that missing piece to make you whole can be a challenge for many. Jason Mothersbaugh, an individual at Echoing Hills of Southwest Ohio (Echoing Ridge), had been missing a very big piece of his life, a relationship with God.  A man struggling with grief, both of a life once lived and for loved ones no longer with him, Jason was spiritually lost. In early-July Jason, escorted by his family and DSP Kevin McGarvey (with whom Jason has a strong bond), went to the grave site of a family member who had a profound impact on his life, more than anyone had realized. Over the weeks and months, Jason’s outlook on life began to change. He began asking questions about God and faith while beginning to read his Bible. In time, Jason’s heart changed and he began to grow a strong relationship with God. Then on September 23rd, 2018, Jason took the biggest step in his faith by being baptized. In front of at least thirty family members and friends, Jason, with the assistance of Kevin and a family member who is a minister, was made new in Christ (Colossians 2). Jason is proud of this change in his life, and while he knows that faith is a journey with hills and valleys, for the first time in a long time he has hope and peace in Christ Jesus.

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