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Elizabeth – Easy Going, Personable, and Funny

Elizabeth – Easy Going, Personable, and Funny
Making a Difference Through Kind Spirit

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a Direct Support Professional (DSP) at Echoing Connections of Southwest Ohio. She has held her role for eleven years; however, she initially worked for the organization in 2003.

For Elizabeth, Echoing Connections is where she belongs.

“I worked at Community Living for three or four years before leaving,” shares Elizabeth. “When I left, there was a plan to build Echoing Connections. Upon returning, they wanted me to be a part of the program. I decided to take a chance here, and I am so glad I did!”

As a DSP, Elizabeth enjoys problem-solving and helping with others’ needs. It speaks to her life-long calling of caring for others.

“Echoing Hills was my first job. I had helped with caregiving for different family members through the years, and I knew it is what I was born to do,” Elizabeth says. “Here, my role is that of a friend, family member, and mentor.”

Elizabeth loves her role because of those she serves. For her, seeing a smile or receiving a hug makes her work all worth it. She also loves how she becomes a part of the individuals’ lives, and they become a part of hers.

“When I was here originally, I was pregnant with my daughter, Grace,” Elizabeth recalls. “The individuals held a baby shower for me. It was so special. She is now 16, and those I serve consider her a part of their family too.”

A sense of family and belonging keeps Elizabeth at Echoing Hills. She enjoys the inclusive environment. That no matter your background, everyone makes you feel welcome and important. She also likes that most days, serving others doesn’t feel like a job but “just hanging with your buddies.”

When not working at Echoing Connections, you can find Elizabeth hiking, engaging in outdoor activities, or traveling. She is up for anywhere new and dreams of going to Italy, Ireland, and England.

More About Elizabeth

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