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Gift Ideas for Children with Disabilities

Gift Ideas for Children with Disabilities

Christmas time is quickly approaching, bringing excitement with it!  The excitement of spending time with the ones you love, gathering over a delicious meal, and exchanging gifts you know they will enjoy! You have invited your family and planned the food. Now it is time to think about the presents. Enjoy these ideas! For even more inspiration, check out the site, Do Say Give.

Gifts to Promote Calmness

Speaking from experience, items that help provide comfort and a sense of peace have been essential. From working through trouble regulating emotions to anxiety-induced overstimulation, products designed to promote calm have been great for both my children and myself.

Two things that we have tried include therapy dough and a weighted blanket. Therapy dough makes a great stocking stuffer and is easy to take with you wherever you go.  The dough is fun to play with and infused with scent, making it a delight to touch and smell!

A weighted blanket provides gentle pressure to help promote peace during rest, coming in different sizes and weights. Information on how to pick the right blanket, and available options, can be found here.

Another thing to consider is a stuffed animal. I especially like the options by Warmies. The plush animals are soft, scented with lavender, and can be placed in the microwave to provide heated comfort.

Gifts to Unleash Creativity

Working at Echoing Hills, I am blessed to witness the talents and creativity of many of the individuals we serve. I know of writers, painters, drawers, singers – and there are even more talents I have yet to see! The great thing about witnessing these individuals share their interests is the joy that follows.

An adaptive tool can help with holding art and music supplies. Objects such as paintbrushes, markers, and sticks for a musical instrument become more accessible! These tools can also help with everyday needs, such as holding silverware or a toothbrush.

Music has a great way of bringing people together and can be very therapeutic. For the singer in your life, try a karaoke machine! I have seen the joy these machines have brought to the singer at home and work. And, the great thing is, I have witnessed the happiness they have brought to the singers’ audiences as well!

Gifts to Release Energy

In my house, energy is abundant. We have used both wiggle seats and, fidget toys to help. These items have been able to be used at home, as well as at school. We have found they help our children stay in their seats and focus more on the task at hand.

A mini-trampoline is another idea and a good way for children to release excess energy! The great thing about trampolines is that they have also been shown to help deal with stress, improve balance, and strengthen bones.

Gifts to Show Representation

Everyone wants to feel included and represented. Major brands in the toy industry have stepped up to answer this basic desire for individuals with disabilities. Brands like Playmobil, Barbie, and American Girl have options that show toy characters with wheelchairs, hearing aids, service dogs, prosthetic legs, and more.

Merry Christmas and Happy Gift Giving!

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