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Heather goes to Stark State!

Echoing U

EchoingU is a transition program designed for young adults with disabilities exploring the next steps in life. The program prepares them for the future and blends classroom instruction with daily living skills, experiences, and opportunities. This year, we celebrated one of the participants being accepted to Stark State College! 

Heather has been a student at echoingU for 3 ½ years. Earlier this year, Jennifer Gatto, Campus Director for echoingU of Northeast Ohio, asked Heather and her fellow students to name their dream job. Feeling put on the spot, Heather declared she wanted to help others with disabilities. She found herself shocked at what she said but immediately knew it was what was in her heart. Finding herself thinking about it more and more and wanting to be known as more than a person with a disability herself, she knew it was time for a change. It was time to go to college.

Doing a lot of research, Heather ultimately decided to apply to Stark State. Heather is studying Human and Social Services and would like to help individuals with disabilities through administrative work. She enjoys figuring out what makes a company great and how good programs thrive.

How did echoingU prepare Heather for this next chapter? She shares, “echoingU has provided me with self-confidence, leadership opportunities, and happiness. My professor at Stark State has noticed and even pointed out my self-confidence.”

Heather still attends echoingU and finds her favorite things are the lessons, the laughter, and the outings. She feels the program has had a meaningful impact on her and encourages others to look into echoingU.

“echoingU has changed me for the better. It is a positive environment full of positive staff and students,” shares Heather. “The program is very person-centered and has allowed me to express myself. I am more than just a student. I am a support person for staff and a leader.”

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