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Green Thumb’s Up – the love of gardening!

The biggest benefit to the Gardens at Echoing Hills’ locations is the cultivation of friendships, teamwork and knowledge. Not just the knowledge of how to do it, but the knowledge that each one of us have value and purpose and deserve a rich and meaningful life.

echoingU southwest Ohio worked hard this summer in their garden that not only yielded some very healthy snacks and beautiful flowers, but also taught students about the soil, proper watering and the effect unwanted critters will have on just how large or small your harvest will be. Sadly, a groundhog and her four babies chewed all the green beans & peas! Rounding out the unwanted crop snatchers was a skunk and some stink bugs! Even with all the setbacks, the students were able to pick cucumbers & squash. They also pulled carrots and red beets. Students washed the carrots & cucumbers, sliced them and enjoyed the fruits, or in this case vegetables, of their labor! It was during the munching that they discussed all the aspects that go into growing beautiful flowers and cultivating a good crop.
Rhonda Bird, Class Coordinator at echoingU of Northwest Ohio, made sure there was adaptive means available for the students who water the plants. Laundry detergent bottles with holes drilled in the caps make for a lighter and much more manageable way to water. It takes a team and great ideas from others…thank you to Rhonda’s husband for creating her adaptive equipment!

The Garden at The Starbuck Home in Northern Ohio – Gardening on the Lake!
From start to amazing finish, this group of people at The Starbuck Home plant an amazing garden to eat, share with others and most importantly, bring a sense of teamwork and family to their home.
Camille Adam, Direct Support Professional at The Starbuck Home is thankful for the generous support of donors who help make it possible for the individuals to have a garden and for the kindness of Don Moulds Plantation for giving Echoing Hills a generous discount on plants.
It has been a bumper crop for this group with plenty to share!


Love. Learn. Worship.

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