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Giving back!

echoingU students volunteering at the Humane Society in Dayton, nothing unusual about that at all. The students spend a lot of time giving back to the community around them. At the Humane Society, there’s plenty to do. The students can be found helping out by doing light office work, folding laundry and then putting it away. Students also washed/dried the dog dishes. These are all independent skills they are learning at echoingU.
echoingU is a part of Echoing Hills. echoingU offers educational programs, one of which is life skills. This particular day the students were learning how to be a valuable part of the volunteer program while also learning the basics of laundry, cleaning and care that is associated with having a pet. Comfortable blankets for the animals need to be kept clean, so the echoingU students pitched in and tackled laundry duty. Keeping food and water bowls clean was also on the agenda for the day.
…and when the “work” time came to a close there was also time for some much needed pet therapy. With slobbery kisses and wagging tails, the students called it a day. Please note that all slobbery kisses and tail wags were pet related!

Echoing Hills is dedicated to revolutionizing the lives of people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Looking beyond the disability to the ability!

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