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Jeremy – Brings Joy Through Kind Words, Creative Hands

Jeremy – Brings Joy Through Kind Words, Creative Hands

Meet Jeremy

Since October 2021, Jeremy has resided at Echoing Hills Community Living of Northern Ohio. He likes where he lives.

“It is incredible here. Everyone shows what love is really about,” shares Jeremy. “The staff are so generous, open, loving, and kind. They want to know the individuals in a meaningful way.”

Jeremy enjoys going to movies, sitting outside on nice days, taking walks, and watching wrestling. He also loves ceramics and pottery.

“When I was little, I would play outside with my brother and sister. I would ask them to give me some dirt, which I then mixed with water to make mud,” Jeremy recalls. “I then played with that mud and would make snakes. This led me to later use clay.”
Jeremy works with slab now; however, he wants to learn how to work on a wheel. He has made several things, including an octopus, an owl, vases, a stein mug, and a rose wall hanger, which currently is in an art show in Columbus.

Jeremy has received a lot of positive feedback on his work. But for him, it is not about the accolades.

“I enjoy doing pottery because I like to see what all my hands can create,” says Jeremy. “If you have an interest – try it! You never know. Your piece may be in a famous art gallery one day.”

Jeremy encourages individuals with disabilities to pursue whatever makes them happy.

“You are loved. You have a place in God’s heart. He loves you very much and wants the best for you. His plan is always working for you!”

More About Jeremy

Things that Jeremy likes the most. The color Green, Tacos, dogs, Christmas and the Staff at Echoing Hills.


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