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Love what you do!

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” –Steve Jobs

What makes a job a great career? A career that you love
and enjoy?

Often people think of a good salary and benefits that include health insurance, a retirement savings plan, and an allotted amount of vacation days. Maybe it is the little perks like appreciation messages or gifts.

We recently asked our team members why they love working at Echoing Hills. Although we offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and fun perks, these items did not come up in responses.
It all came down to the people. The individuals that we are blessed to serve. Those we get to know through forming close relationships. What they like, what they dislike, their interests and hobbies. Those we love and who become an extension of our family.
It is also the people we are fortunate to work with every day. Those who are at first strangers, but quickly become friends. The ones with which we celebrate the joys and challenges that come up personally and professionally.

Eryka J. – DSP
“The number of things I have learned from this company and the people we serve are unbelievable. Before starting in this field, I never had the honor of knowing anyone with disabilities. Now, I could not imagine my daily life without caring for them. The individuals have become like family to me. I love celebrating their accomplishments, seeing the things that make them happy, and knowing all of the activities that bring each person joy. I would not always consider this job easy, some days are harder than others, but it is always rewarding knowing you had the chance to make someone’s day a little brighter. ”

Jackie H. – Program Director
“I love all the employees and individuals we get to support. The teamwork here is phenomenal and unlike any place I have worked before. We all look out for each other and work together to create a wonderful life for those we serve. I also love that we are a Christian organization and get to talk to each other about God and pray together/for each other. Echoing Hills is a diamond, hidden in the hills.

Mandy B. – QIDP
“I have a brother, Rob, and a sister, Casey, who both have autism. They are my world and who led me here. They come to Camp Echoing Hills and love it. Having Rob and Casey in my life has shaped me as a person and shown me that this field is where I need to be. Echoing Hills is the fourth DD service provider that I have worked for in Coshocton County; I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. My coworkers and the individuals are like family to me. We all pull together when something needs to be done. Even when something like COVID happened, the people I work with showed me that they care about these people as much as I do, and it brings tears to my eyes. My coworkers have seen me at my best and worst, and I still feel loved. I love working here because I can show others love, and it gives me hope for Rob, Casey, and other amazing people like them.”

Steve O. – Program Director
“I love working at Echoing Hills because of the spirit, love, and dedication that I see in myself, staff, and the individuals that we serve. The individuals have guided and inspired me to be a better person for all people in the world. The strength that I see in the individuals to accomplish their goals has given me strength in my life. The happiness that they display when they learn something new, or do something that they have never done before, gives me happiness. I love when I walk into one of the homes and individuals see me and they are screaming my name because they are happy to see me. This gives me the best feeling of all – that I can bring a smile and happiness to them.”

Nyeeda B. – Habilitation Coordinator
“I have spent close to 20 years within the area of serving individuals with disabilities. Throughout all of my employment – from large to small agencies, from residential to guardianship services – by far, Echoing Hills has become my most life-impacting. The atmosphere is welcoming; I have felt a part of the team ever since my interview. Many of my colleagues have been with Echoing Hills for over ten years. This tenure speaks to the leadership and work environment. I am proud to work at a place where I feel we can assist others with disabilities to develop a spiritual relationship and encourage them to learn, grow, and connect with their community. This past year has been more than anyone expected with the global pandemic but, I have seen the Echoing Hills Village staff and individuals rally together. From daily devotionals, prayer before starting a shift, singing to encourage each other, and giving air hugs, staff worked hard to care for so many who are so medically fragile. We have laughed, cried, and shed blood and tears to ensure their safety, and I would do it all again because these individuals hold a special place in my heart!!! #EchoingStrong”

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